Focusing on the self-employed and/or small-businesses who would benefit from a presence on the world-wide-web.


Specialising in the presentation of Images using thumbnail galleries and macro-view photo-album design.


Emphasis on simple, clear navigation with minimal loading times


Providing an efficient and affordable description and demonstration of your work or services to your target market


For an example of design concepts visit http://www.gallerybellp.co.uk . This is a large site but well illustrates the use of photo-galleries. A smaller site requiring less than 10mb of server space can be found at http://www.ryandos.co.nz

The service can deal with data and images prepared in both Windows and MacIntosh formats and uses Dreamweaver and Fireworks for site preparation. A highly qualified designer is available as part of the service.

For further information and pricing please contact me at williamh@voicebuilder.co.uk