Exercise 3 Manuscript PDF - links to facsimile of hard copy of manual to indicate the use of each exercise - return via backbutton and explore the variations available below
Sung demo of exercise 3 (medium range - MR)
Low Range (LR) Basic exercises all modulate upwards within the defined range
Medium Range (MR)
High Range (HR)
Extra High Range (EHR)
Ultra High Range (UHR)
Absurdly (!) High Range (AHR)
Descending Low Range (DLR) Descending exercises modulate downwards within the defined range
Descending Medium Range (DMR)
Descending High Range (DHR)
Descending Extra High Range (DEHR)
Descending Ultra High Range (DUHR)
Flexibility Low Range (FLR) Low to High within range but tempo increases with each modulation
Flexibility Medium Range (FMR)
Flexibility High Range (FHR)
Flexibility Extra High Range (FEHR)
Flexibility Ultra High Range (FUHR)