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  Title Source Composer
01 The Child's Toys (melody-Lo-slow) William Blake Song Cycle Jenny McLeod
02 The Child's Toys (accomp-Lo-faster)    
03 The Child's Toys (accomp-Hi-fast)    
04 Tyger,Tyger (melody) William Blake Song Cycle Jenny McLeod
05 Tyger,Tyger (accomp)    
06 Laughing Song (melody-slow) from Eight Blake Songs David Farquhar
07 Laughing Song (accomp-faster)    
08 Laughing Song (accomp-fast)    
09 Storm in Summer (melody) words by Jean Hill Dorothea Franchi
10 Storm in Summer (accomp)    
11 Time and the Child (melody) words by Hone Tuwhare Maria Grenfell
12 Time and the Child (accomp)    
13 A Serious Literary Slip (melody) words by Kevin Ireland Maria Grenfell
14 A Serious Literary Slip (accomp)    
15 Spring (melody) from Shell Cycle Leonie Holmes
16 Spring (accomp)    
17 Peacocks (melody) words Ruth Dallas Judith Exley
18 Peacocks (accomp)