COP Med. Lab. Prac.; BSc. Hons. (Otago)
LTCL (Voice) LTCL (Trumpet)
Dip. Inst. Music Tchg (Nelson School of Music)

Scientific Experience:

1956-1960 Med. Lab. Training (Gisborne)
1961-1963 Full-time study (Otago)
1964 Diagnostic Lab. (Dunedin)
1965 Research assistant and post-graduatestudy (Otago Uni.)
1966-1969 Assistant lecturer in Biochemistry (Otago)
1970-1971 Analytical chemist (Cawthron Inst.)
1972-1987 Charge Biochemist (Nelson Hosp.)

Music Experience:

Gisborne (1948-1960)

Performing Arts Competition
Festivals; Brass band; Pit orchestras; Lead role for
Gisborne Operatic.

Dunedin (1960-1969)

Lead roles with Gilbert & Sullivan
society and Dunedin Opera company.
Tenor soloist in Messiah and Christmas Oratorio
performances in Gore and Invercargill and in Cantata
performances in several Dunedin churches.


School of Music Orchestra; Nelson Cathedral Choir;
Polyhymnos Chamber Choir; Director Nelson School of Music Choir;

Musical Director for several
Operatic Society Productions (Ruddigore, Godspel,
Canterbury Tales) Tenor and Trumpet soloist for several
oratorio performances.


Full-time music study, teaching and performance.

Wellington(1993- )

Tutor in Voice and Trumpet at Community Music School but
now working from own studio.
Exploring techniques for developing vocal range and
flexibility to enable the singing of a wide range of styles and
genres. I have also been exploring the special techniques required
for performance on the natural (ie valveless) trumpet and have
(re-)discovered an important connection between singing and
trumpet playing which underpins the development of Calisthenics
for the Voice.

Now based in the UK and building a teaching practice

The Calisthenic Programme has been accepted as the basis for a research project at York University.