Vocal Warm-ups and their Relevance to Actual Singing


When one watches TV clips of sports-people at practice, it is apparent that they are working repetitively on coordinated movements which are integral to their particular sport, (swerves, side-steps, ball-control, club/bat control etc) which will build up muscle memory so that they can perform with maximum agility and efficiency on the field of play. The same argument can be applied to dancers working at the barre - (the warm-up is related to what is required in performance) and to the exercises devised for instumental teaching. A survey of vocal warm-ups presented on internet singing sites indicates that this connection has been lost sight of when it comes to voice training. (see my earlier blog - one does not sing on a lip-roll or on a single vowel) These initial blogs are setting the basis for introducing a vocal warm-up/voice development programme which re-establishes this connection.



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